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Pre-planning for funeral services is a serious matter. It protects you and your loved ones. For this reason, the State of Texas has established a website to provide additional education and resources for those in the process of considering pre-planning funeral goods and services. Please visit for important information supplied by the Texas Department of Banking who oversees pre-planned funeral insurance policies.

Why Pre-plan?

The process of making funeral arrangements can be quite stressful for the loved ones of the deceased. Often, families are not aware of the final wishes of their loved one, and the cost of a funeral can add to the financial burden of the bereaved family. Pre-planning for a funeral can help relieve some of the emotional stress of the family and can also eliminate the financial burden of purchasing funeral services and goods.

What is a pre-need plan?

In essence, a pre-need plan comprises two key elements. Firstly, it includes a pre-need funeral contract, delineating the specific funeral goods and services chosen either for yourself or your loved one. Secondly, it encompasses a pre-need insurance policy, with its benefits earmarked to cover the selected funeral arrangements when the time comes. We offer flexible payment options tailored to your preferences, ranging from single payments to monthly bank account withdrawals. By pre-paying for your funeral, you alleviate your family's burden of second-guessing whether they've allocated too much or too little for the arrangements. For more information on what is applicable in your region, simply speak to a pre-planning adviser at our funeral home by calling (512) 444-3355. Every year, numerous individuals opt to pre-plan and pre-pay for their funerals. These plans are meticulously crafted to offer flexibility, allowing for adjustments to accommodate the myriad changes that frequently unfold in people's lives.

What are the advantages of a pre-need services for funerals?

Insures that the funeral goods and services you selected will be paid for by the insurance policy if the policy remains in good standing.
Helps to prevent families from emotional spending.
Informs your loved ones of the funeral services and goods that you envisioned, taking the guess work out of it for your loved ones. Helps to avoid family conflict over what your wishes are because you have clearly stated the funeral you envision.
Allows for your funeral to be paid over time in monthly payments that fit your budget.
Because the funeral arrangements are financially backed by an insurance policy, there are protective measures in place, should you pass away prior to making all of the payments originally contracted.
Between 70 and 75 decisions are made within the first 24-48 hours of death. It’s difficult to think rationally while making so many decisions within days of losing someone, pre-planning gives yourself, family and friends peace of mind. Pre-planning gives your loved ones direction.
Our pre-planning team stands out as truly exceptional, boasting years of extensive experience in assisting families with pre-planning. They offer invaluable guidance, providing education and support throughout the pre-planning process, tailored to your comfort level. Pre-planning is undeniably a gift to your loved ones. Time and again, families express heartfelt gratitude for the documented instructions provided, enabling them to focus on cherishing the memories of their loved ones and embarking on the healing journey with greater ease.

Contact Sylvia Vallejo Zachman who is the manager of our pre-planning team at (512) 444-3355. She will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the pre-planning process. 

The majority of families find pre-planning to be easy, relaxed and often times fun and enjoyable. It is much easier to seriously consider death when it is at a distance. That is what pre-planning allows you to do...consider death at a distance and make decisions with a clear mind. When there is no pre-planning, your loved ones do not have the ability to do that...they must make decisions during a time of sadness, grief, fear, and sometimes even anger.

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